Errors In Living

Not so much afraid of death just the the delivery

Forget yesterday today is my legacy

Perfect far from still I run figuratively

Last moments probably reflect on history

Blood lost and friends turned strangers to me

Consequences plus self medication

Waiting for a transplant from this location

Words always on standby impatiently waiting

Keyboards allow my translation

Kept humble to prevent prideful situations

Another day another complication

They ask if it’s a task to be creative

No it’s just hard to feed worthy eyes with my flavor

Talk seriously jokingly your loved entertainer

Distance miles away from depression and suicide

Years of posts exposing my laboratory

Regardless of whether or not fame calls for me

Rather just write and earn

Background support earning cash to save and burn

Learned much from false saviors

Crooked family members bad cities bad neighbors

Requested to speak am I really interesting

Because I broke away from asking clouds for blessings

Messing with the invisible dead air stations

Aware life is based on participation

Even though I’m not wanted

Groups I don’t fit in

Older so I understand it doesn’t mean a thing

Hope I get wealth to hide

Surface when it’s time to save lives

Breakfast then breaking norms

Helping fellow humans find shelter navigate these storms

Resist the devil or whatever you call thoughts wrong

When I die I’m still gonna be trash

Too bad the world I’m in doesn’t know such a lie won’t last

Crash traditions

Even people who really love me don’t get it

Failure on paper but long term relevant

Respect my presence in this tiny planet an elephant

Just behind the scenes so outside viewed as waste shit.
Oh I never claim to be complete

All knowing isn’t a title given to me

I’m just a man not elevated

Please don’t pretend I pretend I’ve made it

Skeptical because lies are air everywhere

Loved ones supposed to love didn’t care

Bare sleeves heart exposed

Say I’m a bitch because my heart isn’t closed

Animal insults and old thinking

Influence over me gone or at least steady shrinking

I am me 

So maybe I shouldn’t listen to whom they want me to be

All of us guessing fill in the blanks hated like in college

Pretty nice for a G.E.D recipient

Wisdom plus learning from failures yeah I’m getting it

If I happen be above you does it matter

Like your death mine is coming

Throwing punch lines mouth running

Talking to myself I know my intentions

People like me die without any mention

Wiped clean after planting seeds of hope

Bottles cigarettes pills rope 

To crawl to tomorrow

Face looks rough because death and life juggled 

Jiggle like my scrotum these setbacks

Maybe you’ll come looking for me before my last nap

Oh what a life just to die 

See the entire universe I’m made of in my eyes

Constant winner of the invisible inaudible voice prize.


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