Passenger Injured

I want to be by your side tonight,

Waking up just right,

Arms tight on you,

Is this something you dream of,

My smile all yours sincerely and faithfully,

Remind me by holding harder through the rain,

Hold me tight and ignore destruction in the background.
There are no more words to say how much I love you,

So I sound dumb repeating the same lines,

I haven’t ran out of things to do,

But words cannot describe us,

All of the hopes I have have you,

Thought about grabbing money and running away,

Holding your hand until we find a safe place,

Nights like this one I feel like a failure,

Crying into the dark night sky no I’ll never tell you,

It’s disappointing disappointing your heart,

Maybe I’m really ignorant,

When I say if you don’t want me I don’t want anyone else I’ll just stay to myself,

Because if I lose someone perfect like you I’m just worthless,

No point in love weary of the purpose,

Walk to the edge drunk,

Laugh and stumble into my final loss,

Bitterly crying until my heart retires,

A flat tread worn tire without purpose.
Poor woman of greatness,

In love with trash,

Sure I try to be perfect but don’t get to the half,

Ejected always,

My tears make me so angry,

I don’t deserve relief,

Tears should drown me in sleep,

This heart should refuse another moment,

I’ll find out if any gods exist if you want me to,

Find a way to tell you then wander,

Watching you live happily deleting pictures of us,

By your side is what I want,

Maybe I just don’t deserve it.
My decision,

To spare you this pain,


Walk out unseen no call no show,

Is it better,

This isn’t a guilt trip I’m committed,

Forfeit my chances to give you them,

Shoot myself to love you like Marilyn Manson,

If I loved myself I’d be shooting you,

I’m done but you have far to go,

Onward goes the show.


5 thoughts on “Passenger Injured

    • I appreciate you reading and commenting.

      There are days when I don’t know if I’m going forwards or backwards and I know I need to go forward or just quit.

      I have a few great reasons to go forward and a pinch of reasons to end.

      I don’t know about tomorrow, I’m dealing with today and today I say it’s people like you who help me choose to stay. Not just when comments are left but when I realize there are still good people left and I hope in making a difference with them.

      I thank you and everyone who offers encouragement whether it be through comments, reading, liking, or just treating people with love. It means a lot and we never know how many lives we save unawares.

    • Also for clarification, I’m not thinking of doing anything. Just getting it out as us poets do, I’m sure you can relate as a writer yourself.

      Again I thank you for reading and comment 🙂

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