Liability Man

Almost ran away today

I didn’t know what to say

My stress showed throughout our trip

You have problems

I have problems

Unable to solve them when we’re tired

Ashamed I can’t take you away hey

Embarrassed I can’t tell you to leave your house and stay in mine

So I just sit in silence pissed

If I didn’t love you I’d slit my wrists because this is just too damn ridiculous


We promised to hold on

I can’t be your everything while swarmed

If I could I’d just move away

Why continue to stay here defeated

Don’t tell me your love is already depleted 

My time is split

Until I can be freed from this

Obligations here and there

Trying to clean it up and be fair

If I had the money we could be gone

In the meantime how strong is our love

Do you think I don’t want you around

Do you think I don’t love you as much as I used to now

Because I feel like I’m falling short hurting you

Almost said maybe I should just go and stop making your life complicated

Your family would enjoy my surrender followed by abandonment

I thought about this is too hard

I’m just a man who makes mistakes like everyone else

Has bad days and want to rest like everyone else


I prayed years ago

Don’t embarrass myself anymore

Nothing is listening

No magic answers or phone calls friend

So I guess it’s just tough terrain

Wouldn’t blame you for leaving

Especially when my heart is bleeding everywhere

Don’t get my life on you

Or else you may want to stick through to the end

Guess if you’re going to run now is the time friend 

You’ll be fine without me and I don’t know if I can say the same

Years in front of you and I’m fading away

I’ve always feared being defective

Finding my true love and loosing

Isolated by choice

Scared to smile or raise glasses for a toast

My voice already insignificant

Almost ran away terrified you’ll do the same.


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