Orange Treat

Signs everywhere we don’t care

Against our position opposition

Want a good life no sir meet prison

Risen above propaganda preferred by populations

Demonstration of what’s to come

Open my eyes realize I’m not the only one struggling

Rations and defensive tactics bubbling 

Necessary air for juggling

Catchy lines but what do they mean 

Stop hated hating on all scenes

Forgive myself for bad dreams actions incorrect

Direct myself to introspection recollect my purpose

Don’t need a book to lie earning ten percent plus my focus

Contemplative when I wrote this

I need alone time with silence to reset

Take my pills to block patterns of depression regress

Guess I rather write out my problems

Then show my classmates the path to solve them.

Momma would you believe we’re going backwards

Looking at the news now performed by actors

Information age of lying reliving disasters

Faster than I had in nightmares

We dying daily but that man claims bad comments not fair

Still the alternative just as bad timed affair

This world isn’t for people who care 

Still we keep trying to save lives again double dare

Real artists ignored mumbling on the radio

Wishing your heaven was a real place to go

Fuck cancer fuck diabetes fuck racism

Wish we could bag it all up shipped away in a floating prism

Stop ending up felons for a plant in the ground

Shit I wrote twenty years ago still relevant now

They got me addicted to pigs and cows

Happy meal until the heart stops gatekeepers in the matrix exit locked.
We’re undercover fighters

Constantly thinking and smoking need lighters

Investigating lakes of choice among fires

Passive writing but never passive actions

Regroup then demand satisfaction

Knowing being an asshole brings no reward

Floored at characters who prefer salt

No one preserves waste inside their vaults. 


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