Drop With Future

Do I have the perfect person should be worried about my actions

Screwing up beyond repair a care so I stay aware dare to treat her more than fair where it’s needed

Everywhere like our hands covering it all Fall breezes through windows still sweating working hard

Basically need to evaluate my gates allow passage pass past crashes

Up and running with a more stable version updating and learning prove you love me still holding during emotional storms.
I’m labeled worst than loser told I’m taking up space

Sometimes I feel like it until I see your face darkness replaced when I’m silent I’m processing

Thoughts of where we are and how it’s great living

Giving in to my depression meant I wouldn’t have understood your lessons

My second guessing actually ceased truth polished and used we move onto higher levels.
People around us don’t get the connection think I’m fucking you over nope we’re just fucking

Kissing and loving reading laughing and loving isn’t something when you believe

Reviews from outsiders irrelevant refuse to read.


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