Pure Cane Sugar In Us

Please turn me on

Tell me every place you want my touch

Hours sweating just barely enough I always want more

Feeling your skin on mine anticipation multiplying

Thick inches for your consideration

I’m the one bringing you to climax during masturbation

Many reasons bright eyes belonging to you light up when hearing my name.
I lick these  big lips awaiting your vagina’s lubrication

You’re much more so tasting you comes so easy

Woman there’s no one else like you

If course I treat you like I want you to treat me too

Whisper how my hands heal your former loneliness

Smiling at me aroused watching you dress.
I know you are worth every thing I have

My heart and mind yours to grab

Empty then fill me anew 

Did you ever imagine us so unified

Thought about me when your hands on awaiting thighs

View the moon as a common wonder

Not too much just enough to lead you home

Into my arms once more

All of my love poured into you chosen for my happiness

I’ll return the favor in and out of bed

Wrap my love inside and outside your head

Then give you head.
We already know this is what we’ve wanted

It’s obvious how we connect so much

Please turn me on

Do what you do don’t stop.
I see good things in you

Feel loved by everything you do.


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