Below The Very Bottom Is More

Shouldn’t be surprised to see clouds so early

Erased from gatherings thus far

Struggling to stand again

Staying quiet in my square

Maybe outside shouldn’t be thought of.
Mediocre shit, some times I have to face it

Scattered and confused, losses I created

Painful lessons, friendships gone faded

Beneath the bottom unafraid but nervous 
Always another level below

Another cliff to fall down from

A critical part of the equation received an incorrect solution

Felt like a star of loosing

Oh I know how it burns but we ignore it

Until one day or night it hits

Goodnight hopes you were stupid

Insipid imaginations chances ruthless

Better shape up fast

Or everything will continue to crash

If only it were so easy
If only it was so simple , if I could feel secure I’d be happy

Empty wallet traps me
Mediocre shit of course

Feeling dumb as hell driving off course

No direction looking promising

When your own place is missing

Scattered and confused, losses I’ve made.


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