Let’s Go Now

Wake up it’s way past time to leave

You know we have to leave here

Staying is just annoying, suffocating

We’ve both been waiting so long for this love

Order credit cards for our cross country trip

When we settle we’ll pay all of it

This is an emergency, I need you all the time

I’ll work hard to make sure we can visit spots you like.
Maybe we will disappear and reappear changed

Change our last names to match no need for rings

But if you should change your mind I’ll get on one knee

I’m dedicated to all we can be
This isn’t a pass the time romance

This isn’t a part time dance

This isn’t a just because you sex me relationship

This is an I want you every day kind of bliss.  

As I figure life and death out, please join me

So desperate I’m thinking of hustling for cash

Buying a ticket and praying to the sky for dough

Anything to reach you and take a trip away from here

Help each other through these tainted years

Oh I’m waiting.


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