Bad Joke Checks

She laughed at my dream

Said money allergic to my hands

Fans dusty blowing shame

Meanwhile I daydream of redemption

Mention pensions my name on benches

Fucking each other until drought loss of tension

Until my erection and her river in commission

I listen to confusion poverty lying

Screwing up messing up head tough

Looking out for a change and a chance

Hope prosperity visits stays then settles

Dropped believing in medals for lyrically petals

Flower fragrances from the sky

Smell dirt at all times

Used to think shitty until I believed I matter

Attitude corrected breathing respected

New paths in the brain connected

Elected do better perspective

Hope resurrected 

Moving on past the experience

Things inside need deliverance

Hearing this imitated the run long time never won

Old school balding head top gun

Not talking arrogance just silliness

Feeling this day nice night

Stupid me didn’t take medicine

Violated friendly rules got flagrant

Simile evil top to bottom some day mirror Satan

Zoloft to the rescue words family best nephew

Sometimes I ramble imagine a sunset last one you get

But my dream costly steps they lost me am I done?


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