Alone, You’ll Know

Alone you’ll know

Think about our company

Speaking to you done to me

I look forward that was behind ass

Pass gas into the engine I’m past it

Still burnt easily our bridge was plastic

Tragic to end no words but goodbye is a verb

Understanding unimportant when you’re winning

So I’m sending a good night instead 

We’ll probably never talk again unless somebody dead

Crown on you shit on my head

I hit send like a fool thinking drama

Deleted the email then cried about my momma.
About the messed up times in the mental hospitals cursing her

Telling her she didn’t care but money meant work she couldn’t be there

I’m here older about to repeat

Bills come them bitches snow knee deep

Attempting to drive a motorcycle knees weak

Caffeine because who can really sleep or is stay awake

Nothing to see cycle may never break

Parents of money for first place

Alone you’ll know.


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