A Grand Beach

I saw a light in you under the wreckage

Hidden out of fear of being rejected

I know the feeling well

We were rejected but the truth is just sensitive to it all

Unlike others we didn’t adjust to the sea

Rain flooding eyes a smell unique

Birds oblivious to the pain underneath

I’m standing right here 

So that means I’m by your side

Perfection isn’t here but I’ll try my best

Corrections aren’t embarrassing

Ignorance is 

If I fall go ahead and laugh I’ll wipe it off and deal

Sometimes humbling opens the field.
Bright lights are nice but quiet luxury is better

Ghostwrite for money prompt payments prevent letters

Whatever to measure comebacks neighborhood made nice yeah safer

Change what I change I have the vision

Operating funds to start mission.
Then I remembered you hiding behind fears

Switched gears talked  about the years in empty space

Alone unable to comprehend the moment

They passed people passed I didn’t hold it correctly

Understand why I’m absent 

Unable to change loss echoes bought with regrets

Self medication stalled progress

I guess I’m not so rough tough waters got me

Monopoly over my processing operation time for a new transmission

Operating within the freedom of living giving myself room

Impending doom not so scary still rocks me but lately

My words still but my actions different

Still haven’t arrived but the going is getting

Still down in the Carolina prism.


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