Shooting Range Conversation

Point the targets out 

I’ll eliminate them swiftly

To see you.
It’s been too damn long and I thirst for your love

Complete submission can be us

My face cannot hide my want of course

You already know you have me.
You know you have me here

Anywhere you ask me to be

Not ashamed to love your name

No shame in being the reason you come and came. 
Do you know how I feel about missing you at night

Working at my job wondering if you’re alright

Smile so bright when you’re in sight

So bright.
When together we feel stronger

There’s a reason everything else seems like a waste of time

Time for our love to shine, so bright.
Anything in the way?

Tell me I’ll do whatever it takes

Break rules, obey rules, tough choices but I’ll choose whatever it takes

Nothing else matters anyway.


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