Playing Monopoly Again

Night trip to our vacation

Sleep, sex, then entertainment

Phones on airplane mode
Finally able to cross these state lines

We’ll be back to visit

Sure cash isn’t all but sometimes I fall asleep, dreaming of more successful days
Going where we want when we want to

Disappearing, cuddling to recharge, feel new

No one to hold us back from who we are 

Imagine the call, I’m coming over

Laughing down the road with weights released from our shoulders

Obviously problems will still come

It would be nice to have a place to think of peaceful outcomes 

Writing to the rain knocking steadily so persistent

Feeling one step out of poverty prison
Can you see us smiling

Edibles, hiking

Poetry writing, trying

Trying to do better inside then out

With resources to bring it forth and be proud

But most importantly cabins with private rooms

Thick present for you. 

Sometimes I get carried away.


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