Claiming Flowers

Restless mind

Thinking of ways you’d like me to spend time

Satisfying wants

Needs between knees taken care of at once

Driving out

Errands together never frowns displayed from mouths

Hands on laps

Always tired thrusting speaking cashing in hours

Fright gone from the stage

Our parts presently connected how will we play
One lifetime

Just one lifetime.
Shed my past quickly

Anything to assure she’ll stay with me

Gentleman actions words too

Always fast to say I love you always breaking headlines exciting news

Taste like pleasure to my tongue

Happy to have her happiness flow yeah run

The noises she makes instantly start my private

Private way I love to spend hours moaning loud

Whoa I’ve gotten far from the scene

With a perfect love clean views closer than seen

On my lap reading books

Man I tell you most of my darkness unhooked

Cannot waste time
One lifetime

Just one lifetime is here.

Can’t waste it, feeling sorry for moments I can’t change

Only can do better by learning and listening


When wrapped in her legs or her arms

Time travel it just seems to fly by

We could be in bed for just one day

A year would pass when we left 

I don’t mind it all

I’ll lay quietly or talk while the years go by.


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