Beach Towels

Put air in my lungs just in time

I was confused close to crying

Happy days I wasn’t buying

Even distracted no longer trying

Washed up in disaster earning master

Faster to my undoing curiosity perusing

Screwing up but aware of winning attempts

Down too low scattered without a fence

Rinse off my tears and see another round

Hence my pondering wondering within books

Looks and hooks for elevation better than submission to dead sections

Sessions feedback keyboard vibrations lines without hesitation

Without proofreading too but staying temptation words flow through

I entertain with respected company

Connections and unity used correctly abruptly opposite

I get excited like kids before they figure out adult lies

Laying on cars watching clouds without fear clear no static

Got to stay up late watch Lakers Magic 

Redskins key chain Steelers pajamas

Promised forever yet we know now there is no such promise.
A woman intelligent goofy and caring was so daring

We both were and are hoping it gets us further than far

Just want to make money live like wealthy and share to hearts

Take care of home then spread love across time zones

Maybe start a trend to place all in safe homes

Isn’t about me buying the latest gadgets while some starve

A peaceful revolution invest my money and heart in the movement

My tears on floors wiped for forced smiles

Now a love got me cleaning and replacing with self respect

Damn right I’m hard she stays wet jet

Another reason to keep trying until success then beyond

Humble winners hold the belt long

Wishing for a break but brother more it does take

Alarm going off alert do drift no shift stay focused

Words don’t ask they demand to be written unhidden

Dreary days off are the best reading writing and hot sex

Flex and enjoy seconds laugh stop being stiff actually believe living a gift

Lift heads even though shit is crummy

For a moment just freeze.
My wicked thoughts desired

Inspired by fuck faces mentally mutual travelled places

Before and after the erection and lubrication partnership rational led participation

Maturity and reasoning mixed with the proper amount of feelings

Another upgrade but infinity to go too much information to know

Not enough time to process given clues

Fair in town front page your death page thirty six a paragraph

Or even if you go viral after you die broke regardless physically but is there a bonus round

One way or another time is closer we all will find out faces on unwanted posters

Ripped apart burnt toast in a toaster.


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