Jungle Juggling


I don’t want to fail you oh no

Broken being made into a stronger person

Casted away yet my heart is still working you treat me better than anyone else

Sky and ground silent as I try no acceptance but you say I matter

Only complaint I have

Time away is too much too sad oh I want my naked body in yours


If I’m beat trampled from my mistakes don’t follow me use your brakes and love

Know I’m trying to figure out how we can be alone and comfortable instead of fighting poverty push pull it’s hard

Not impossible though.
Do you really like when I hold your waist

My anxiety doesn’t stand a chance against the love you share

Meanwhile my expectations and hopes demolished by my dirty hands

Repair underway bills pull me down quicksand on the play

But when you touch me I’m recharged

I’m stronger faster able to do more your kisses within me

I don’t want to loose your love 

Fighting programming empty wallet chemistry screwed up

Over everyone

Over my flaws you’re strong

Love I don’t want to lose you no I don’t want you to desire being gone

Hold me tight with your arms.


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