Wrote A Wall

Better than the old me I’m not jealous of man far away from anything close to sand playing his band slaying others for materials land all quicksand when bombs end any plans fly planes over your homes kill your children we gone completely blind to self preservation double crossing our own nation shot in the chest for stating true tricks of government lies broadcast honesty called number one enemy spy can’t rise up with no money to buy bullets pull grenades then claim a random skin color did it refusing to admit white privilege and refusing to think instead of fire to it easy for me to say I wasn’t present for the arrival but will fight for peace survival write without chapters hard to read like your Bibles claiming peace until difference of opinion causes a scandal tell me again the real vandals no taxes for us death if you don’t believe it I wrote like this in a giant wall to provide reading has now become too much too far even I’m guilty missing the mark haunted by uncertainty in the dark until I focused on now correct my parts sharpen my arts show why they paying weak writers while we bring it home imagine my voice form yet clear communication calm Psalm for laymen just a man don’t pray to me amen humbleness does your devil in win 777 jackpot in mind ripples from this trend tell em why I been writing since the picture of my pad friend.


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