Politics & Short Statements

Story of a reject born in South Carolina thinking being an adult would create nicer environments

Finding out public school and peers brutal evil cruel tears laughed at

Told to be a better man black men don’t cry or have a heart where others have a heart that’s crazy

Not allowed to be educated then called lazy until I found a way around the confusion

Illusions of skin colors responsible for intrusions feet on neck innocense converted into anger

America makes enemies then ask why attacks plenty almost locked up because it was easier to send me away

Rejected disconnected selected for imprisonment understand why my mind seemed to flee world view destroyed spit on

Called worthless every day almost lead astray to shooting for a make-believe street credit association

I stand for our flag but don’t put a hand on my heart too many times people in power ripped advancement apart

Zooming in even closer than North Carolina rural area squares compare the lies from 80’s to 2016 more shady

Prescription drugs mixed in gravy fluoride to dim lights plants outlawed or else peace in sightI’ve seen people of different labels laughing enjoying each other’s company when blunts served at round

I’ve seen people of different labels laughing enjoying each other’s company when blunts served at round tables

Old and young men women beautiful outside and inside sexy brains able to fight mistreatment

Leak quick with the distractions salute the flag ignore the government’s actions

Human behavior has always been terrifying to exciting enlightened when hate programs canceled

Battling the flesh such a waste a time because ignorance and its destruction regarding the mind

Layman rebellion yeah need someone on the bottom floor giving hopeless minds an exiting tour

Poor me tattooed on my forehead blamed everyone but the main one who placed me in the red read books irrational points good night placed in bed.


Warrior definition inverted found using my mind more efficient for future endeavors

Ignore main news outlets paid for news by those claiming to be better civilized pride secretly organized

Masks worn at the cross burning taken off judge lawyer doctor appointments applying bullshit through nicely packaged ointments

When you’re at the dump you see what comes in and out public really doesn’t have an idea what this is all about

Power and control get your ass on a pole nails in all holes wrapped in the flag with reality never told

Even evidence can’t sway hatred’s hold I ponder this while locked up for having a soul

School careless walking home in the rain wondering if I should try or hold that 45 solution again

Three times heard guns talking to me but knew the opposite bullets asking for a second opinion

Attempted drilling of my murder waves broadcasted to keep order providing fuel for slaughters

I wonder I wonder ponder these outer limits I’m in and under

Aware now watching out so the religion owning most of the property in my city won’t strike no slumber.


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