Fly Over Globe

Knocked out woke up confused and determined internal sermons of awareness properly prepared get progress instead of excuse mindset

Public laughing when we stumble amazed when create buzz rumble with bruises and broken teeth unable to see still swinging 

Shedding skin of blaming the world possibilities prisms responsibility keys for escaping prisons self created containment told how to walk out head harder than pavement

Splashing in waters attempting to stay afloat shore bystanders stingy with a rope nevertheless it’s my throat count on no one learn to drive a boat

Behind closed doors struggles unbelievable uncomfortable I assure I’m not living in a bubble gather diverse minds for important huddles 

Readers feeling telling stories and sharing how negative feelings bring down ceilings when lived in deal however you can stand leave friend

Depression had my eyes locked secured down insecure regarding movement words offer improvement I believe I can do this recovery my new shit

Proofreading not so much but I’ll adjust the touch as I get closer writing for peaceful minded shoulders between head seen past the lies 

Across the globe higher officials megaphones screaming we’re all going to die deposit before you fry friendship makes taxes run dry

Day at a time calculating formulas I hope to bring shine no flash checks to sustain and approve pass forward create more smiles too.
Fighting being brutal flash of light it’s me

Worse enemy I didn’t imagine or sense

High frequency of needing to wash off

Dirty thoughts not mine I don’t own them

Some of the pressure released send

More glimpses over the abandoned buildings ran down streets

Violent people ignorance seeps into treatment

Greet this opportunity to lift chins in wisdom

Knowledge acknowledge the poorest fight to live in the future

Right now no one knows the existence of caring hearts in piles of murderous ones

Burning down the city instead of cleaning it what a pity 

No hands return to save others left in alleys fucked over

Still pens document poetry wrists hurting write since emotions universal

I don’t want to fight my neighbor rather enjoy a dinner singing  terribly pretending we’re winners

Maybe a plant rolled up star gazing peaceful everywhere no more plantations unnecessary or necessary complications

Focus on awareness blame refused better yet hated erased problems come together we face it’s preferable

Than bombs and bullets for sale casing for them as the path of a Hell.


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