Don’t Waste Time On Her

I tried ignoring feelings on my back trying to start dreaming

Happy for the day my connections to you become minimum

Selfish ass self centered manipulative hope you find a match

Similar in every way show just how fucked up I was to stay

Seventeen years of being treated like second every second 

If I’m trash consider yourself radioactive sewage

People pumping your head up like I’ve ruined your life no need for responsibility

It’s amazing how I made mistakes but your Jesus wasn’t as perfect as you

Damn Heather maybe you should you teach classes bring being blameless and flawless to the masses

Throw mud on my name doesn’t mean shit your family isn’t worth loose change

Whatever y’all deserve each other emotionally stabbing signs uncovered

Usually I don’t write like this but to free it from my mind lines insist

Print an ad in the newspaper how all of a sudden I’m evil easy to fool ignorant people let em talk

Divorcing your ass saves me from self inflicted gunshots

I was your blame slave loved you so I caved you misbehave

Don’t want revenge just an exit from this cage

Cutting me down in front of our kids

Same way your daddy them did

As much as I want wish Hell on you life is too precious there’s a lot of other things I can do

Be positive ahead and hope my image flashes when you realize things I’ve said for years.

One day you’re going to look in the mirror

Hear what I’ve said

Feel the rush come over you

Stars around your head

I forgive both of us

Shouldn’t have stayed this long

When it hits you that we’ve both been wrong remember

It’s too late.


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