Clay And Gas

Time for division past 

Cooperation calculations to improve nations necessary

Too many buried too many married to death

Disrespect disregarding intellect

Wet eyes in all languages humans believe in damages

Stepping on each other human ladder to falling

Crawling in repeating errors instead of moving forward

Bored with progress more relaxing to regress hard headed mentality self harm stress

The quest to be the best unaware everyone under arrest

Yelling fighting not helping not working critical thinking important

To my fellow humans across these winds come on huddle in

Why wait until the last hour to change

Breaking down differences to live better no excuses 

Are we tired of our children watching us die eyes refusing to cry

Poverty exposes the alibi

Resources or we all die 

Education a journey involving pioneer steps in many places learning earns no head rest

Money required to be treated paper given out more money invested

Some survive breakthrough others die with hands empty untold news

Writing and spitting to avoid minimum wage nights somewhere else empty not s job in sight

Dropping writings for discovery discussion after our mistakes came nothingness running

Foretold wrecks final destination shit flight 180 change is scary

Future unsure of deletion corruption new versions continued development support

Locked up for a plant sued in court

Sold short family members abort 

Days are mysterious moments scary these moments we sort.
Wickedness in high places right before faces worthless presidential races

Use your brain then they complain too much computing reboot when

Wallpaper different ignorance loves ignorant ignorance

Clear it’s just a fear based situation revealed news ratings appeal

To accelerated heart beats watch THOSE people 

Meanwhile we’ll just stand behind you taking wallets and purses kicking emotionally charged verses

Gotta give business to doctors and nurses

Mow us down shrug story never will surface

Lot of murder by folks screaming higher purpose

Things I never imagined humans would do to each other 

Murder is the number one lover desired by most

Blame rage in an unlocked cage 

Look around we won’t pass to the next stage ripping anything trying escape.


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