Quick Injection

Bigger problems than figuring out surroundings 

Uncertainty frustration rapidly mounting

Left out during friends trips to the mountains

Being five minutes from the street doesn’t help

We scream society buy remain silent

When wallets talk trash saying sir there’s no buying it

To make up I stuff my face and inhale

Putting my health through hell

Well I wanted conversation plus orgasms

Instead frantic overthinking deep chasm

Reaching out but should know better

Unity means stay away get your act together

Whispers don’t turn her on panties ain’t wet

Keep emotions in or you’ll define regret

Hours of smiles and future plans

Ruined by being honest heart in trash can

Should be more selective

Find someone closer to my perspective

Someone who’ll refuse to abandon me when thoughts reckless

Always awaiting my company without restrictions

Cooking together rubbing intimate parts sex in the kitchen

Cut myself off until the headaches stop

Hard pretending expectations dropped

Don’t know if I’m still wanted my speeches flop

Had a bubble around us ear damage when it popped.


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