Leaf In Atlantic

Touches deferred I feel like we are slipping away

I have to ask to be touched before I leave for the day

Remember when my love was wanted

All you could think about

Guess it’s been so bad we’ve went backwards

Teach me a lesson so I’ll get it careful of the arms you choose

Colder than cold fast

No more ass grabs

Far from long didn’t last

Sitting wondering where I should have stayed silent

Oh you’re holding back because of me

Happy when I’m not around you sleep

Think I’m a man using you huh

Fear and mistrust over passion

Teach me a lesson no action

Never thought you’d send me back to my hand lonely

Very careful should have been more careful

In isolation conversations don’t buzz

Look like you rather not hold me

I’m not saying anything head watching the ground

Touches deferred.

When I look at you I feel ashamed

Gone from your head

If I was on your mind like you are on mine

We would be using these hours for anything we want

Then again I guess we are aren’t we?


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