Mess Up Monday

Told to beat up  bodies for respect

More drugs taken dick stay erect

Alpha male bullshit knuckle dragging life

Not officially black unless I do certain things

Assume I want a cup of watermelon koolaid fried chicken wings

Live everyday like the last

If so I wouldn’t be concerned about the cash

Determined to beat terrible training and mindsets

Never flashy gutter or classy

My lack of spotlight helps uppity nonsense pass me

Ever since the picture of me writing on the couch

I had a smile society tried to white out black out 

Scream blame other people join us

Lack of assistance or actually heroes

Wasn’t too long separated called negroes

Aware that skin color doesn’t dictate allies

Skin containers of many colors have understood different languages same cry

Some of us just want unity neighborhood smoking good doors unlocked

Religious oppression ceased corruption phased out stopped

Education important but less expensive than a house

Fuck Monday every single weekday workday

Insensitive noses high unaware of how poverty plots play

Say oh just do better like food stamps and Medicaid worshipped like red letters

Rather have our own no government monitoring me sim cards cloned

Helicopters over heads searching for plants while on the ground we search for grants

Reinvest in our communities no need for immunity burning red tape amp

Moving through Monday morning 

Blame and pointing fingers boring

Important to figure out what to do even with weights holding feet down.


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