Garbage Post: Drift Slow

Reached out too fast now I’m embarrassed

Cherished memories but looking back was I an animal

Expecting love making when it’s just a temporary squeeze

Pleased then rethought my situation

Fighting for acceptance from all fronts

Mentally connect but often I have a hunch

Forever alone you’ll leave once 

I was thinking of taking a trip alone

Across the country then gone

Homeless across the nation

Even thought of finding my final destination

But I’m hard headed still 

Try again before the landfill

Appropriate procedure for blood spill

Isolation calling me once again but to stay 

Maybe I’m better alone

Instead of looking at her she doesn’t want a shared home

Excited to see her but now questions guard the end zone

Serious love making never real my desire lone.
Should have asked for time to myself

Gathered space to find out what I expect

Hyped meetings I feel kind of played scars on neck

All this love mixed with intellect

Yet passion serious from me too much I guess

Hands on when in love and feeling missed

Didn’t think about withholding and checking

Feeling like a fool guess I should have obeyed my rules

Hold back even if one percent 

Giving my whole heart away doesn’t make sense no


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