Don’t Waste Tears

We all have to do what we should do 

I don’t think wasting anyone’s time is good

Running downhill to meet pavement

Punching mirrors when unable to make payments

Closing a favorite book before the last words

Refusing to connect with characters who will never know a reader’s name

Please don’t waste your tears for me I deserve much less

Hey don’t worry I wasn’t close to the best

Go on like I wasn’t here

Walk on like chalk outlines disappear

Please don’t waste any tears over me.

Treat me like I’ve always been

Background extra credits buried in an unread ending scroll

Name unspoken in houses afraid I’m waiting for an opening

We throw people away consistently

Add my name to the list permanently

Cannot live failing you I’m sorry

Do yourself a favor don’t waste your tears

Go on like I wasn’t here

Been thinking

Of making it easier, flipping

Acting like an asshole to start sinking

Making it easier to be thrown out

I love you but I’m not worthy of tears cried zero amount.

Save your tears for someone better.


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