Love And Insanity Mix

Love and insanity mix 

I’d kill or be killed seriousness

Ask and you’ll receive

Any sacrifice is acceptable

Willing turn into an animal

Blast hospitals become so hated

Dig up graves trespass

Cut through laws so fast

Wait in dark alleys to murder your foes

Wardrobe change new clothes

Ignore friends and family both

Drive into a river swiftly

Fight my ignorance

Deny my self preservation since

Everything I love is in you
It isn’t crazy to bleed

It isn’t crazy to believe

It isn’t dangerous when I am pleasing you

Tell me if I should save the world or break it in two

Peace or fire baby

Being with you has steadily changed things I used to see

Love and insanity mix so sweet many cavities

Whatever you want I’m willing to be
I don’t tease you

I’d rather hold you close with a serious face

To let you know how willing I am

Today tonight tomorrow my love will stand

You’ve done this

You’ve reminded me the mind’s a canvas

My own

So what do I choose

Making you happy.


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