Burnt Sugar

When we make mistakes let’s fix them to come back together

Bring everything good and bad to the surface

Oh sure we can run instead I’m a champion

Easy to be bitter resentful without any indication until comparisons between villains

Smiling but looking away like I shouldn’t be here

Anticipating searching for any signs of abandonment or disgust

Quick to close doors and move on because humans are killers

Loved me yesterday today despicable figure

Say I can talk but eyes roll skateboard sidewalk

Love outlined in red blood colored chalk

I’m flawed 

You’re flawed

Why quit together we improve

Spoke the truth changed the mood she doesn’t want to talk

Yet want honesty wants falling apart

We say forever but it’s just too much when I’m expendable

Dependable until my difference of opinion unbendable

Last shot for love or single life into the inevitable
We won’t always agree

Upset then speak about it not time to flee

All of a sudden everything is personal

Personally taken called pork pig ass bacon

Intense or confusing loosing your eyes taking advantage never

My smile and happiness confused when I speak up unallowed

Oh I read that poem is it about me vanity

Oh you need space sure enough plans erased

Leaving us in an interesting place 

I’ve seen a touch of the future my silence reboot ya killing me yeah you’re the shooter

All the orgasms between us empty when hard times come pushed aside head start for your run

Time out regroup I’ll never give up until you act like you just don’t give a fuck

I’ll fall help me up please

You’ll fall I’ll help up.


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