Unlike You

I can’t love my dog and feed him

Rub his head enjoying my days of freedom

No I must be malicious

Cyanide placed in greasy ass dishes

Poisoning all the fish so no one fishes

Stitches to anyone different than me

I can’t react logically I’m inferior

Running your kids over laughing nearer

To taking over the over the world

See how I’m dressed in lavish things and pearls

It’s impossible for me to want my daughter safe

My son never to be shot than forgotten by family

The little bit we have Invisible to half no reason for our hands to grab

I’m an animal without any connections

Isn’t that the point of this rejection

Hatred exposed at life’s intersections 

Always wanting to destroy instead of think

Skin colors another cup of madness hated drinks

On the same road with the same hazardous light blink

You believe whatever makes you feel what you want incorrect

Feelings cannot be the final picture

Neither can the hatred hidden in your scriptures
This is more important than labels

Life isn’t about bullshit on the table

Unity has to be the ending sending us ahead

Murder just leaves us all dead

Ignorance is why I shake my head

Healing never started so we’re hurt

So many medications all going berserk

Popular to be an asshole perks for jerks

Humbleness appalling gotta be the best

Blame what ever side you like stationary thinking immobile bike

Like circles wondering why when you’re the problem

Unable to see any solution besides bomb them

Charm when requests met 

Final boss whenever eyes wet

Thinking about the future doesn’t make sense

Mansion on standby kiss this world goodbye 

Or just for fun light the world and run

The wickedness of ignorance never tires under this sun
Man wants blood not treaties

Popular brands on TV

See me and apply false facts

Swear my brain isn’t intact

I’m different in the light quite not as bright

Like my body contains my power

Cells die many in lifetime total hours

My legacy forever mind-reader you’re unaware

Still screaming it’s known waving scripted papers in the air

Darkness no treble all snare

Time hasn’t shown enough how many more years

Tears of us between dreams then nightmare screams

Not so clean 

We’re not so clean

Refusing cleanup vines over hidden beams

Supporting the place everyone wants

Disabling lies smoking joints they found the answer

Admit mistakes and wrongful doings then cancel lying. 


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