Garbage Post: Deleted From An Angel’s Phone

Deleted name on her phone

Persistence faltered and I didn’t try to regain any steps

Walls I conquered block your face again

It’s so easy to make mistakes I’m a king at it

Painful to watch my love fail her tests

Two black eyes from disappointment nothing left

A part of me unable to heal

But we promised arms and forgiveness

Guess errors were too much

Nightmare of loosing her coming true she stopped looking at me

Can’t even stand me she looks past wishing past my presence

Dark piano keys illustrate sadness with failure singing warm

Recover good moments along with missteps

How do I swear I’ll do better unable to see far


Isolation from the one I love most

Bad dreams just keep coming scrolling beneath my view

My hands were for hers but unwanted tonight

Torture on standby checking my phone

Swearing my connection isn’t connecting but signal is fine

I can’t cry enough tears to say

I’m sorry I’m so sorry my picture a definition of unworthy

Eruptions of sorrow in private

Evidence hidden from the world this isn’t how we were to end

Deleted from her phone without closure


But she swore to love me as I am

Everyone around fleeing but she swore to stand

Quicksand is what I bring to life

Cannot be angry who would just reach the bottom gladly



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