Well Trained Citizens

Make noise 

Well make noise

Until death isn’t loved

Hate isn’t hugged

Your dreams and mine

Connected in unity

Wasted so many years

Finding reasons to kill 

I’m aware

My time is short and coming

I’ll use it well

Chasing reasons to be better

Goal of life

No division

Happy living until the last second

Everything is a waste

She sees my face 

Knows I am working hard

On a breakthrough

Are you doing the same

Or playing the American blame game

They’re why your down

Cleanse your town

Purge it until rivers of blood 

Appear from your neighbors

Make noise

Don’t die silently isolated

Rise and know

Flesh bags are not important

We fight not against visible enemies



Ignorance ruling the world

Tonight we yell

Take back our peace

Knowing some of us won’t make it

But the lies are just too much


Death before slavery

My brothers are here

My sisters are here

Various backgrounds

Various colors

Every time we get close new news

Lies of how unity is doomed

I know

I know it’s not us pulling triggers

Too expensive to stop homemade war

Bullets aren’t free

Caskets bring revenue

Killing helps the local economy

Undertaker wealthy


It’s profitable for you to die

Your kids

Your family

Just a temporary cost

To the war on drugs

War on peace

What if all the lies leak tomorrow

Not tainted by rating games

All the faith placed in authority

Revealed to be lunacy

God was a scam for cash

Preachers laugh on private jets escaping

While your city burns

Oh how our humanity will turn

Exposing how sick we really are

Gates closed

Bunkers hold

If the people ever find the truth

Manipulation so effective denial sure

Make noise all shown it isn’t pretty

Generations of lies

Sixth time Zion will be destroyed

Effective weapons bring the noise

What are we to do

Better to go extinct than shackles

This world beautiful on top

Underneath strings pulled

Killing anyone close

Exposure of lies equals no throat


I love my lack of privilege 

Exposing me to hidden mind pictures

Bodies against the government under bridges world shiftless

Fathers telling daughters the devil in pigment

Blasphemy black religion only Savior when forced to torture racks

Just move on told clapped with eye rolls ignoring the fallout 

Maybe pants worn down to say kiss my ass before shot 

Easy to say it’s made up when it’s not your reality

I smile awaiting your final moments when injected with wisdom

Knowledge of countless versions of sponsored invisible prisons

Give them hell if talks are impossible

Probable cause repeating history profits our country’s horrible founding

Whenever I hear make America great again I see hope drowning

Wasn’t so great for all but I guess even imaginary gods say fuck dark skin

Hell even lighter dark skin says fuck dark skin

Twilight Zone or Outer Limits I’m undecided diminished finished

Pack my bags for a different planet while humans here cheer

Thinking they got rid of me I never wanted to come here actually

Factually better destination unseen anyways

Unfortunately for you not told in religion’s brutal plays

Sways are easy involve emotion blame unknown faces

This whole machine runs on being racist

In public school in February picture of black families in gold chains

Claiming freedom has come but the abuse still reigns

Train your mind to understand various races fighting pain

If you’re poor fuck what you think we’re the same liabilities expendable

Atomic bomb blame overseas oil control conceivable

Receivable by elected officials sucking 24 karat gold popsicles

While one hand controls the mobs unwilling to think critical loyalty to fellow humans fickle

Lock us down

If we aren’t violent finding a pause to our problems in marijuana

Spend more chasing a plant than education

Especially throwing books in court lives wasted

Protecting pockets of the machine

Hacking in the Matrix to save those ready to come clean

Propaganda but since it’s our brand it’s not mean I mean don’t scream

Make noise

Planted decoys

Passing on hatred to our girls boys

Toys in gender rules pink or blue

Easy bake oven Tommy that’s not something boys do

Try this dump truck as we dump our ignorance on you.


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