Black Blasphemy

You can’t save me

Your promises are trash

I wasted years on my knees

Begging for acknowledgment

Church services I was on the choir

Singing freestyling raps for points

Giving my ten percent

Reading late then reading early

Weak bastard you can’t save me 

Too many rules in the way

Unconditional love is far from your understanding

Created me just to throw me away

You don’t even exist

Another type of control embedded my government

Slapping beating slaves in your name

Silently watching oh give it a rest 
You can’t save me 

Never could

You can’t hear me

Attempts no good
Why did I waste years believing I’m special

Why did I sacrifice my sanity

Why did I worship the slave master of my relatives

Freedom isn’t invisible
Ha even you can’t save me

I still read red letters to laugh

Destruction is imminent

No holy ladder to grab

Jehovah’s witness



All just to clarify silence

No more teams for me
Almost chopped my penis and right arm of for an illusion

Threw away my porn and magic shit because you said it was pollution

Hated gay marriage and turned my nose up towards gay people 

Told women to get in line I’m over them Christ over me God over him

Gladly told people Hell was waiting for their bodies

Almost conformed to your image

Human hatred with a vengeance
Should have known when the neighborhood went down

People beat no cops no help around so now I know

You can’t save anyone

Your believers don’t even pay taxes

You can’t save anyone especially in the land of the free

What am I waiting for?!

What am I waiting for?!

It’s not you.


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