Incorrect Quarter 

Life isn’t what we expected

Questions move in

We have dreams currently wounded

Intentions ignored

Screamed at by people we trusted

Very dark when we search for brighter times

Pulled by chains transportation violent

I’ve lived in this pit for a while 

You smile but feel alone like I did especially at night

Choices but really just illusions

We try but feel like we’re loosing

Crumbling pictures of what life should be 

At the call of lack of money 

Buried under dirt heart struggling to work

Moving away seems necessary

Praying to the sky doesn’t calculate savings accounts no weight

We could be the change to our surroundings

Potential failure and poverty a problem

Back of the mind at all times hidden in lines

Suicide has been chasing me since grade eight

Rather be a dead man instead of hungry with no plate

Our love is powerful but my finances aren’t so great

While we stare crying pondering entrances unaffordable

Recordable days of certainty missing

Life isn’t what we thought as children

See why my gun permit still valid listens


If it wasn’t for her a trigger pulled

Obviously I’m not going to make it

Writing and rapping money distant laughing

Refuse to be a criminal they’ll kill me

Even though I’d do it to change her residence

Father treating her like shit I have the evidence

Won’t listen to her and rather talk about hating me

Saying my skin color prone to violent felonies

Blind to the problems his ignorance causes

Daughter scared of his reaction talk of me hiding in closets

All we want is to make love without fear

Clear lack of money makes me the rear

I imagine if I stabbed my heart

Several people around me would party nonstop

Easy to ignore my sacrifices and wins

Why stick around for the finale probably locked up

No crime committed just another casualty of fear

Afraid slavery will return and colors inverted 

Murdered such nonsense in my quest for freedom

Don’t get me wrong I wish someone with the power

Up above always helping could build towers

Allowing me to look out and help this planet 

Unfortunately I’m busy chasing minimum wages

Education isn’t for people sensitive to these stages

Humans smiling and knives flying 

Holding on but why is it inevitability I’m running from

Hot as hell outside inside a cold one


People in power around me call me the aggressor

Silent when folks said my death will make this world better

I cried and tried to understand the hateful letters

Got angry wanting to shoot bullies they considered me dumb  

Little did they know I had the mastermind revenge

Black hole was my operating tag years on low

Ripples of my influence simmer until my enemies’ flesh fall off the bone

North America is first in making killers

Illusions of choice like two parties who hate the public equally

Successful in deceiving most unaware of our history

Same people you praying with okay with kids hanging from trees

Therefore I wonder my purpose

Peace bringer or city levelling villain

Bigger than the labels I’m put under and in.


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