Sides Of Unseen Mirrors

I’m complaining about missing butter

Somewhere else victim of a murder

Rhyme and reasoning missing always another mystery

Constantly man killing man over history

What hope should I maintain repeats in destiny

Fortunately my mind allowed out of the dark box

Feet and heart warm humble with nice socks

Kicking rocks wasting time that mess stops

Writing because several unpaid bills invite cops

Entertain until direct deposit accredited to account dropped

While I’m complaining of not having the latest phone

Children beaten snatched from homes

Bring our girls back they’re still missing hope not gone

Feeling sorry for myself but better check my tone

Life isn’t about material things it’s about the mental dome

Decoration of the building Spongebob in future chrome


I’m buying lottery tickets trying to get lifted

Help recognize minds gifted but good intentions get sifted

Free education to those who miss it

Unforgettably unfortunately  it doesn’t mean shit

Good people die all the time without one hit

Scared to be into complete silence with reality

Mad indeed when missing calories

Passionately get dramatic ready to scramble definition static

The pain I’ve suppressed unleashes it’s automatic

Tragic when someone would love to work overtime every night for the lowest wage

Able to handle this brutal stage

Right before the finish line ending page

Mage with the mind work extreme problems out double time

Sides of the mirror unseen but not so hard to find


Okay we’ve been trying and failing so maybe change is freedom

Lead them to educate responses to these monsters

Blasting back with mental powers sour all attempts to further ignorance

Clearing debris for our families regardless of colors this is for smiles

All the while we’ve been hating instead of celebrating differences together coming together

Especially when we’re all affected by the same weather whether uppity or lowest low

Done with your excuses if hate makes you happy admit don’t lie to yourself we already know

I sense it because of my specialty they stand next me I feel it

Reasoning isn’t wanted so minds closed

Maybe their God blinded them and made them close-minded so that their eyes don’t see and their minds don’t understand

Scoring for the wrong team smiling dancing bowing for the fans


Light and water bills because it’s not a right to stay in the light thirst quenched

Quickly thrown flag from the government’s sideline benched

The rent is too damn high but dollars makes sense cents spent

Gotta cash ’em all talking about paychecks

Gotta keep the troublemakers broke like necks

If educated who gonna flip my burgers take my disrespect

Didn’t want certain people to read anyway

Look at them now catching on to our secrecy

Other side of the mirror watching me.


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