Book Face

No I don’t call them and they don’t call me

The way it’s supposed to be

Outcast since I could even remember

Totally blindsided by an early winter

Used to get rejected not allowed for dinner

Now I don’t want invitations true winner

Acknowledging the fact of this all

Death going to come no one to call

Might as well be strangers now

See you in flashbacks as I bow

Played my part stranger villain or hero

Never knew how you felt feedback zero

Evolved in mind since our last meeting

Perfectly fine without hearing your greeting

Funny how time exposes hearts plainly

Remember you were among the ones calling me crazy

Changing numbers soon but you’ll find out

As soon as you need something I have no doubt

Blocking people on Facecrook I mean Facebook

On my way out give my whole ass a good look

No I don’t call them and they don’t call me


We care about each other but no not really

All depends on my funds and type of ceiling

Close once now no types of dealing

Isolation if controlled is kind of appealing

Tires squealing note my escape

Pissing me off I just might break rules fly with a cape

Clouds all around like vape best may not see a break

Wait never mind continue while I change my menu

Send you off off of my on list

Relationship doesn’t exist.


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