I Left My Pillow

Tomorrow when you wake up

See my pillow there without me

Will it make sense then 

Faith I had in you twisted used against what I tried to do

How many years did I waste trying to wrap you tight

A lot of lonely nights you stayed glued

To television computer games too

Swearing you had no time to speak or touch

Now I’m done gladly moving on

Furious at your tears why do they run

When I was beside you I was unseen

Yell and tell everyone I’m gone

Blame in my possession it seems

After all the hurt compounded by years

Tomorrow when you look on my side of our old bed

Hope my image isn’t in your head

Because I’m not coming back this time 


I just wanted love and conversation

Too much to ask of you now

Haven’t touched each other in months

Admit my presence was enough 

Interactions all business

If you looked into my eyes disappointment would have said hello years ago

Comfortable your love fell

Here we are I’m gone silly you still clueless

Telling me I need to do more to have your hands

No disrespect but I don’t want them anymore

Let me fall away excuses escorted to our ending

Hope you find someone content with immaturity

That person isn’t me my presence missed 

You cried but those tears were hollow

Tomorrow when you realize I’m not coming back

Hope your computer and TV take my place

All those years I felt incomplete

Finally I can be happy truth hurts but I’m happier somewhere else

I’m not coming back this time 


Sixteen years have passed away

Our relationship passed a long time ago

Don’t lie we both know

Please don’t pretend you want me back I’m not available

Unwilling to be fooled again

I’m not coming back this time.


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