After The Bus Stop

The sun didn’t appear rain instead

Dark clouds as my thoughts 

Walking lost but moving confident 

Promises mocking when they are not born

Torn umbrella pointless wind yelling it

Moments of silence turn into days

Page after page of sad poetry

Smile outside deceptive not a part of me

Too many fights no breaks arms weak

Sleep for the commercial breaks then restart when awake

Faulty brakes 


My only medicine loving my inches


Time alone shared orgasms conversation warm

Like a charm I wear it everywhere accessory blessing me if possible

Waffles or pancakes breakfast sex lunch breaks

Our vision filled with foreplay mentally at times

Therefore I can stand up charge take mine


Back to the street

Walking among faces unknown

Gone alone long liking this companion

Hourglass beach sand beautiful therein

Wearing my concern 

Raincoat unfortunately the rain burns

Holes appear in my plans ridiculed

Fueled to better or self destruct

Tucked under learned responses

Palms itch but it’s from wonder 

Detecting what storm this is which one I’m under

Fumble after fumble recovery unlikely 

Despite the fight in me scared tank empty

Tempts me to play Suicidal Thoughts from Biggie literally when the lights are off.


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