Because Deep Cuts 

Warm rain 

Falling on the roof we’re watching it hit the ground

Cups in our hands secured

This city has changed so much from when

When we started

It doesn’t fit us anymore

Got a lot of gas money

Snacks and drinks covered

Playlist perfected perfection

I want to see signs passed by swiftly

Instead I’m fucking up

Holding on to odds worse than the lottery

Environment deadly

Silent before the next crash in the rain falling

In my tiny square from the sky

Head down pondering purpose

My blindside attacked I feel defenseless

Fences looking nice but on the other side

Another story hidden from scripted news

Louder flaps claps rain steady ruthless

Sounds like these bring ceasefire requests to thoughts

Smells like a new start within the ground

Perplexed how does money stay with us

Casting down our fears one by one

Instead it feels like I’m fucking up

But hey at least I know what not to do going forward so I

I won’t be ashamed to try a different way

Use my mistakes to discover something better. 


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