Queen Paper

I know you love me your eyes tell

Gentle touch around my zipper

Quicker to ask for orgasms spasms in the legs

Changing your sheets soaked it enjoyed it

Oh I’m not talking trash I’m on board too

Smiles intimate poems just for you

Never trusted anyone completely until you

That’s why I don’t mind licking pussy then behind

Stimulating each other body mind in reality behind it

Real quick to say I love you completely

I’m hated for this because I’m underclass

Past their comments we see empathy plus drive

We laugh about their ignorance when I’m deep inside

Love can conquer all in peace or piece by piece if they want

Peacefulness is my medicine however warfare in regards to protection isn’t fair

Boy I wear a power level unseen

Choose to use it for good but may I be understood 

Slavery isn’t an option I’ll stay free

Even as they plan to hang me thinking it’s doing the world favor 

My girl sees my crown soon to be revealed

Yet my humbleness and respect seals the deal

Peel away all layers of excuses boost this gift to unseen uses

Buy towns and make them the future peace headquarters

When I say I dream for us no jokes meant 

Spent may days crying into pillows trying to figure why there are no heroes

Bullied to the depths of vengeance rescued just before I reached the limit

Refreshed with a clean slate to spread until finished

Love you’ve entered my purpose without you no service


How I wonder why we just are us 

Calculating our feelings and logic opposite of bust

I wonder how we lived without each other it’s all rust

Only new things remain I’m show you how I know you’re rare

My voice and tongue care used I love your taste

More importantly and most important

Brain so active thoughts analyze thoughts

Shocked when my sense of peace lead me to you and it was correct

Erect still I’m going to listen to you until finished

All doubters should see how I see you 

If they could no more issues

Just tissues moved to tears confirming

When I say I care prepare to start learning what true care is

All my life love has been made inside to give outside

Blow my chance I think not

Believe I’ll give this world my everything won’t stop

You’ll feel the fire burning for you at all times

There is no competition you have the highest level of all time in all positions

Treat me right I treat you right 

Legendary status


She finds everywhere

Thoughts dreams masturbation material

Hell she gets wet thinking about me eating cereal

Changing panties to more absorbent choices 

My manhood up and down eruption her cum voice is

Spectacular I yell like paradise sighting her eyes

Thirsty dirty curious more than worthy

Inches can’t resist her intelligence and calm

Thirty minutes below her belt palms on stomach

Oh but before the touching I’ll do what we like

Afterward sex I do what we like


Still independent but I’m offering all she accepts.


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