Laymen’s Rebellion 

Girl we going to write until we get calls emails and mentions trending 

Paid off house with a big ass ceiling without dealing in trouble still we are not in a bubble 

Helping people living debt free living with the Earth in harmony can it be I’m not a demon

These idiots born but it was bad semen

Leaning a little towards beyond this fight for name tags boast brag not for this brother 

Some say it would earn me cover money yeah satin covers

Talking about nonsense like most others 

Oh stop this isn’t an I’m so much better poetry 

It’s layman’s rebellion laymen’s terms constantly 

Open to views I was told didn’t exist for holy reasons but it’s just fads

And hating people has always been where it’s at sad

Very interesting stories we tell when not stabbing each other 

Call all types of men my brother 

Call a few old and wise black women my mother 

But who is my family I’ve already said anyone for peace 

Watch the media post angry ass nigger photos owned by Fox news

Antichrist get the audience to do the murder don’t cover it but to say it’s national kill Nofaithpoet and eat burger month

Stacey Dash will laugh on screen while smoking blunt

They really believe race is why is we’re fucking up so badly

When presidential candidates lie and do shady shit to get in office 

Graydon Square said a yo use your brains

Nope I’m in clueless that’s how I was raised and I’ll carry it on to my children 

Sunday though I dress the Hell out of the building 

What happened to us being God’s children again 

Oh the Christian god is a racist white man 

Or atheists you believe genetics made people of color trash cans 

Still unable to be free life scanned .


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