Bad Side Of Saturn

Scars generated by my thoughts 
Thinking of a better way seems like time lost 

Prior convictions means I can’t even cook in a fast food kitchen 

These bills due baby has diaper rash she’s scratching 

And I’ve praying but haven’t earned a reaction 

Constantly living without any traction 

Satisfaction levels low

Can’t even make any reasons my girl shouldn’t go

So I’m angry all the time until this reefer pills and alcohol make me fine

But it’s not really constructive 

We entertained  but still struggling to afford real meat burgers

The whole world looking like a drawn out slow murder 

Gun shots earn respect when they heard of

Shut up I don’t want your life just your wallet 

Empty with a picture scribbling of daddy do you miss me

Had to take two showers whole bottle of whiskey to sleep.


Woke up like why did he have to be like me

Despite the emotions money is a problem 

Gotta shake some tree money meet gravity I’m at the bottom 

Drama starter because it’s scary when it’s vacant

Listening to depressing last placement 

Compliance more of a suggestion when poverty constantly the guest 

Star member without anything to offer second guesses

I make noise because that’s what gets the stares

Watch me reply with an evil glare.


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