Being Bigger 

Instead of reactions with ignorance I question 

Asking your motives body language gives suggestions 

Resting knowing that my trials enhance my wisdom I’ll give smiles 

Some days frowns pay please don’t bother me walk away 

I say without any disrespect to inform my charm is

Gifts to the logic lovers with feelings monitored and processed 

Less stress when I’m concerned not angry heart still beats

Even as some swear I never had one so dumb plus generalizations 

This is my life a book never read currently being written 

Shit I guess I’ll just keep on writing regardless if it does or doesn’t make living 

Killing sleeping hours writing words as they flow instantly 

Probably will never brag about density rather be told than assuming have to fold

Goal to affect these countries my name shouted with different tongues 

So I can direct them to the real saviors each of them every one 

Then spread the power equal because it can corrupt people 

Humble I’ll fly with my real foundation among eagles.
When I see the views of my views it’s news I choose to follow 

Rather write this out before it backs up full of shit not hollow 

Instead fill the empty space with critical thinking blinking staying on light bulb 

Flying among eagles 

Laws haven’t been on our side in history 

Sunday donations for Monday’s trading floor a mystery 

We all have things to deal with this inevitable ending pending 

Blending into intentions corrupted files infection but the sender sending had no idea.

Ready to go back to just observing 

Unnerving around here humans love murder 

Lyrically emotionally beat downs one two three 

Nevertheless my station where I gotta be

Letters decode explode then I reload

Invited to functions treated like rappers do for gold chains 

Explain my disappearance on social media it’s far from encyclopedias 

Tweet about fucking my numbers go up

Talk about real shit replies wtf what the fuck

Where the fuck drama bad mouthing women especially black women 

Saying nigga every other second every first sentence 

If you do that’s you but I’m saying don’t group people together because you hate when it’s done to you.
Some stick around on standby for signs of checks 

However I do have some I call family much respect 

True brothers strong enough to friendly and when tested give a whammy.


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