Super Flames

Super flames called for by popular demand 

We wanted flying cars and intelligence established 

Instead labels still separate minds

We have traveled into space 

Still can’t sit together we’re late 

And my pillow still gets soaked from tears

But they don’t fall from my face

My dreams crying for me I’m disappointed 

The world is disappointed with me 

Super flames on my skin cheers from the crowd filled with glee
Dice rolled but people still claim superiority 

Actions speak louder than statistics given by controllers

Go under to the roots and start there to fix instead of throw away 

Mercy is shown by true love

So eager for my death brother what happened to you 

As a child you didn’t start this way

What corrupted you and covers still

Special place for those happy for suffering 

Surprise endings for all who hate

Hold your hands together but you can’t hold up against yourselves 

Super flames on minds glad for ignorance to rest.


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