Prophets Ride

Under your traffic lights a prophet goes unseen

Has to or everyone would ask for his dreams 

Ordinary people who are more than rare inside.


Unique levels of heart detected 

Caring listening understanding correcting gently

Eyes highlight contents of wonder inside

Within ordinary lives and streets ignores houses

Revolution wondering if living is worth it clueless to how much they are needed 

Often disregarded by relatives 

Somehow they build themselves anew

From material around them these star fragments 

Canvasses in flesh created live until the end

Finished, this is who you are

Prophets in your city mysterious 

Don’t you feel something when they walk by

When prophets write is the message to you 


Today we’re killing them

Then asking for help

Kill another 

Ask who’s left

Scream for mercy 

Give none

Hate people 

Don’t want to be the hated one

Prophets banned by people who need them the most

This is isn’t for unseen promises 

The words are for now

They’ll say we asked and no one answered 

Then it’ll become clear answers were among them 

Silenced and beat.
Under your city’s lights 

In places not so bright these days 

In your presence unknown 

Light roams.


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