Rope Circle 

It’s better to look away silent 

Don’t speak of darker themes

The people don’t want that shit fool

Let’s tell streets paved with gold

Diamonds everywhere it’s cold, icy

You’ll find us there celebrating 

Donate worship no waiting 

Don’t say you don’t have anything 

You’re breathing in trenches that’s better than being dead

Someone somewhere else would murder for your closet space 

Take your beatings and appreciate the light marks

It’s better to look away to find a better answer 

Than let fear control the world prayers aren’t answered 

While your scream.
How can you ask for mercy after killing your brother 

How do you sleep and the answer is well

Sisters jumping into space to find a place safe

I can’t blame anyone for seeing pain

Before you leap and leave the rest of us here

Can you help make things better by using peace

They won’t let you live long anyway 

Headlines of terror with your face 

Justice is shutting the hell up and walking away 

Justice is closing your ears while your fellow humans stray 

Into madness blaming skin and flesh

Racist atheists a fucking mess

Holy hands under sheets white robes 

My government choosing money over my life

Like fuck you die

Told over and over and over I’m worthless 

Then they have the nerve to ask what’s wrong 

Sinister strikes

Triple H men cerebral assassins

Turn away and blame someone else cowards 

Salute to the bloodied government towers

Flying on ground we struggle to survive on.
Putting us in prison for money 

Pills sold weed prison for money 

Health will bankrupt you it’s money

North America will follow talk money 

Say certain folks get money for free

Living amongst us human leech

If we could just get rid of them

Talk money crowd cheers you win 

It’s better to be silent 

Can’t get too close

Go along with the broadcasts 

But if you want justice close your eyes 

Stand outside in the road at night

We don’t need no education 

Bullets teach our children waiting 

For their turns 

Don’t worry just blend in again 

Blame someone strange locally 

Watch the smiles fall in place 

You’ll fit right in.


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