Destiny Syncs 

Angel of destiny wrapped around my body 

Legs inviting me into a new world 

Saying no isn’t possible I’m covered in love 

Yeah I always talk about your eyes

Through them I can see how you feel 

We’re both wondering if this is real

Lifted up so high 

Touching down gently my hands don’t shake 

Holding yours my angel of destiny 

Mirrors reflect our changes

To everyone we know we’ve become strangers 

Always missing events because we’re in bed or out

Conquering the world if we must

They say we don’t know what we’re doing they lie

Mistaken we’ve done this before somewhere else 

Another time 

Passion and dedication enthusiasm draws us closer

You are the ones lacking understanding 

We’ve changed 
We can’t walk away we sense density underneath 

We’ve changed 

We’ve changed 

You are the ones who don’t understand 

We’re not asking we’re telling you.


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