Are you feeling better separated 

Unaware visions 

Speaking housed in invisible prison 

Land of the free still killing children 

Parents locked up weed taken on Thanksgiving 

Is it worth the sadness for new equipment 

Kind of hard forest floor living 

Giving out thoughts lines splitting 

My dreams aren’t stupid though money missing 

Listen I’ll be written on tablets seen on walls

Future pioneers hearing the call going further 

Past institutional racism and prison 

Brain enabled but warrior capable don’t twist it

Lifted past this sadness in poverty 

Might not see the promised land but follow see the sea of change.
Crashing burning by current standards so unaware of revolution 

I’m shooting mentally for attention my gifts bills looming

Blooming in my thoughts weeds to escape only to be caught 

Vault of questions unanswered by superstitions 

My skin color in two thousand sixteen no flying cars but racism still

They swear I wake up lazy but ready to kill orgasms after a villain’s breakfast 

Reckless snatching each and every necklace pawn it but first bless it

Unable to think like we haven’t survived slaughters 

Punishments like Candyman looking at daughters 

Say we using bait still banned from the gate diabetes kill a man with drink grape

My hours wasted by comma standards so called geniuses avoiding bad grammar 

Vision hidden under squares bytes in the internet discovery percentage hopeless 

Still we continue delivering proof pictures meal sampling 

Ample when your voice unauthorized on your own streets 

Goddamn these aren’t my streets bills and setbacks remind 

Other drivers saying what was his problem I saw the road fine

But my glasses on hidden obstacles forced situations 

Just to give my voice escapism not interested in the prism 

Just enough to affect how the world is living how demented 

Meant it lots of assumptions no one is listening 

Split your heart away obviously unity missing.
Guess we’re going down together no one lives 

So why do we rush what gives negative positively 

Books thrown throughout history no mystery violence no wizardry 

How many deaths suffered I stay up working it out for everyone 

Now you understand why I’m always tired under the sun

Afternoon depleted feeling less than needed until recharge 

Dishonorable discharge from most places but money does that

Chest hurting so better write before this ocean evaporates 

Demonstrate a different way to participate keep it great running 

Even my dog sensing I’m distant at an instant 

Shouting just to hear self distance another instance 

Tired at work feeling like I’m lost words blurt 

Eyes still contain miracles ambitious anointed 

Seen with different code agents disappointed 

Before the breath of some mind a different one 

Stuck on the couch told to leave momma alone 

Never appreciated the tools before flight departure gone

The smile on my face before my introduction to the kingdom of lies.


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