That’s Not Love Preacher

Screaming is futile don’t waste the air
No Savior coming around to help out when in despair
I used to pray hours upon hours
Spoke in tongues and felt some unknown power
Then I realized minds play tricks
Holy beings don’t stop violence
When they called me a nigger no voice said he’s my creation
My mind different cannot believe the hype
We die every night
Blaming and pointing in fear or happy to say your base stats make all others inferior

When drowning don’t scream
Just letting more water inside fatal scene
Quit looking at the sky imagining a witness happy for my team
Darkness has been a current theme since I’ve been here

Why get on my knees to the silent bystander
Testing me but refuse to teach correct answers
They say I’m special to some god
But asking for money is odd
Wanting comfort is wrong
Struggle until life is gone
What about these stereotypes
What about people wishing I lose my life
Corruption and lies dress the altars
Tax payments that’s too much
Scream all you want upstairs silent while hate rules the world

They say it’s Satan
I say it’s fucked up people
They say it’s atheists
I say labels own your steeple
Cowards and sheeple
If my father threatened to punish me forever if I misbehave
I’d be scared too

When I was told asking questions was wrong I laughed
Slaves don’t have authority they are to be controlled
For whatever purpose their masters want
They want you to hate while the bank is emptied
Damn anyone who doesn’t believe what I believe
And damn anyone different than me

I almost cut off my right arm and genitals
Because loosing limbs is better than burning for all time
Tithes I couldn’t afford
Pastor with the gold tooth rolling by in class with style
While I just miss the bus home

God loves his children
Each one
But if you don’t live on the right side of town
Your god doesn’t give a fuck

I’m glad I was born black
To see people are afraid of the dark
It’s just skin but they don’t care
Up above no people of color they swear
Well maybe a few good ones
God is gonna need the best BreakDancers
Oh it’s not pretty anywhere
Fighting poverty and hate towards me oh my
Children know better they smile back
If any gods exist that’s where they’re at
How can I attend church Sunday
When it’s such a gloomy Sunday into Tuesday

People shot dead public thanking the heavens
Praise God y’all it was a gay club so fire from heaven
Oh yes lord they were sinners the worst of all time
Don’t pay attention to the stench of hate I wear as a blind
They say amen let it be so praise Jesus

My baptism took me somewhere different
Behind the behind of play
It took an animal to see behind the curtain
A little dog to others but a savior
The wizard of all was a scam
Exposed by an animal from a strange land.


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