Sarah Trust

Sarah Trust wants to go
So do I we told each other so
We’re just waiting until midnight
After people we’re leaving behind sleep tight
Map unfolded
Legs elevated
Touching going on
Could help it no it wouldn’t have waited

Hair and wind meeting seats warm
Thoughts of charm my heartbeat
Going around town listening to S.W.V making me weak
Flashing me while I’m driving
Better yet masturbating while I’m smiling
Finally free from the madness
Let’s see how far I love gets
Tasting the same air as her

What can the world offer me Sarah already gives and I give back
Never empty other women don’t tempt me
I’m swimming in her ocean loved

Sarah how far will we drive tonight?
Sarah tell me we’ll die before going back to strangers

You look at me like you understand my position
Treating me with more than words.


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