Behind Bedroom Tales

Maybe my requirements are off
Too strict
Sex, love, care, patience to name a few
Affection, cooperation, wisdom, to name a few more
Just when I decided to settle time froze
It’s possible to be happy after all
You don’t love me like you claim
So much love rejected drained
Almost ready to flood my flame
Then I found my dreams no games
No one plans to grow apart but one day you have to shout to hear each other
Too far away to stick around forever.

No one gets married thinking they’ll do some time and quit
So many years in then I’m out this bitch
Family members didn’t plan on forgetting names
People don’t have kids to feel ashamed
We get so comfortable with each other
Forget we change so fast and often
In the right ground and sun watered
The other in the shade delayed.

Think it’s about sex no
I’m getting older and I want a mind where I can go
Visit and be visited the same but you haven’t changed
Better than this you’re far from the right within lanes
Beauty never gone never a question however our conversations uninteresting
Working together tonight you out tomorrow in
Must ask for pleasure by putting an early request send
Few months ahead and my hand has had more action this is the end
Who thought or wanted it to be this way?


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